How many syllables in Affordability?

affordability has 6 syllables

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Definition of Affordability

The quality of being affordable, or within one's financial means.

How should Affordability divide into syllables

There are 5 syllables in this word. The vowels are 'a', 'o', 'i', and 'y'. The consonants are 'f', 'r', 'd', 'b', 'l', and 't'.

Part of Speech - Affordability


The affordability of the new car was a major factor in my decision to buy it.

Sentences with Affordability

  • The affordability of the apartment made it an attractive option for many people.
  • The company's new pricing strategy has greatly improved the affordability of their products.
  • The high cost of healthcare is a major barrier to affordability for many people.
  • The affordability of college tuition is a major concern for many families.
  • The government is working to improve the affordability of housing for low-income families.
  • The affordability of healthy food options is a major issue in many communities.
  • Many people struggle with the affordability of prescription medications.
  • The affordability of renewable energy sources is improving over time.
  • The affordability of travel has greatly increased with the rise of budget airlines.
  • The affordability of technology has greatly improved over the past decade.

Quotes with Affordability

  • "The cost of college education today is so high that many young people are giving up their dream of going to college, while many others are graduating deeply in debt." - Bernie Sanders
  • "Housing affordability is one of the key issues facing our communities today." - Gavin Newsom
  • "The affordability of healthcare is a major issue for many Americans." - Joe Biden
  • "The affordability of healthy food options is a major concern in many communities." - Michelle Obama
  • "The affordability of renewable energy sources is crucial to combating climate change." - Al Gore

Number of characters in Affordability

13 ( a, f, f, o, r, d, a, b, i, l, i, t, y )

Unique letters in Affordability

10 ( a, f, o, r, d, b, i, l, t, y )

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Phonetic Transcription of Affordability

IPA (International): ʌˌfɔ:rdʌˈbɪlʌti:

ARA (American): ʌˌfɔrdʌˈbɪlʌti

EPA (English): ʌˌfɔ:rdʌˈbɪlʌti: