How many syllables in Assad?

assad has 2 syllables

Split Assad into syllables?


Definition of Assad

Assad is a surname of Arabic origin. It is also the name of a former president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

How should Assad divide into syllables

This word has two syllables. The first syllable 'As' has one vowel 'a' and one consonant 's'. The second syllable 'sad' has one vowel 'a' and two consonants 's' and 'd'.

Part of Speech - Assad


Assad was the president of Syria for many years.

Sentences with Assad

  • Assad was a controversial leader.
  • The people of Syria protested against Assad's government.
  • Assad's regime was accused of human rights violations.
  • Assad's family has ruled Syria for decades.
  • Assad's government was criticized by other countries.

Quotes with Assad

  • 'Assad must go,' was the cry from Washington to Paris to Riyadh.
  • Assad's regime is a magnet for Sunni extremists.
  • There is no doubt that Assad is a butcher.
  • Assad is a man who has no conscience.
  • Assad will stand trial for his crimes.

Number of characters in Assad

5 ( a, s, s, a, d )

Unique letters in Assad

3 ( a, s, d )

Assad Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Assad

IPA (International): ʌˈsɑ:d

ARA (American): ʌˈsɑd

EPA (English): ʌˈsɑ:d