How many syllables in Bloggers?

bloggers has 2 syllables

Split Bloggers into syllables?


Definition of Bloggers

Bloggers are people who write on a blog, which is like an online diary or journal.

How should Bloggers divide into syllables

There are 2 syllables in 'bloggers'. The vowels are 'o' and 'e'. The consonants are 'b', 'l', 'g', 'r', and 's'.

Part of Speech - Bloggers


There are many bloggers who write about different topics.

Sentences with Bloggers

  • The bloggers wrote about their travels around the world.
  • My favorite bloggers write about fashion and beauty.
  • Some bloggers share their thoughts on politics and current events.
  • Bloggers can make money from sponsored posts and advertisements.
  • Many companies work with bloggers to promote their products.
  • I started my own blog and became a blogger.
  • Bloggers can have a big impact on their audience.
  • There are bloggers who specialize in food and cooking.
  • I love reading blogs by bloggers who share their personal experiences.
  • Some bloggers have millions of followers on social media.

Quotes with Bloggers

  • "The world of blogging is a vast and varied one. There are bloggers who write about everything from parenting to politics, fashion to food, fitness to finance." - Darren Rowse
  • "Bloggers are the new influencers, and they're here to stay." - Aimee Song
  • "Bloggers have become arbiters of style and taste, their tastes influencing the tastes of their followers." - Grace Coddington
  • "As bloggers, we need to have a sense of humor and not take ourselves too seriously." - Imogen Lamport

Number of characters in Bloggers

8 ( b, l, o, g, g, e, r, s )

Unique letters in Bloggers

7 ( b, l, o, g, e, r, s )

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Phonetic Transcription of Bloggers

IPA (International): ˈblɔ:gɜ:z

ARA (American): ˈblɔgɝz

EPA (English): ˈblɔ:gɜ:z