How many syllables in Linkedin?

linkedin has 1 syllables

Split Linkedin into syllables?


Definition of Linkedin

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for professionals to connect with each other and build their careers.

How should Linkedin divide into syllables

There are two syllables in the word linkedin. The first syllable 'link' has a short i vowel sound, and the second syllable 'in' has a short i vowel sound. It has four consonants L, N, K, D and two vowels I and E.

Part of Speech - Linkedin


I found my current job through LinkedIn.

Sentences with Linkedin

  • I use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in my industry.
  • LinkedIn helped me find a job after graduation.
  • I updated my LinkedIn profile to showcase my skills and experience.
  • My boss found me on LinkedIn and offered me a new position.
  • I enjoy reading articles on LinkedIn to learn about new trends in my field.
  • I received a message from a recruiter on LinkedIn about a job opportunity.
  • I joined a LinkedIn group for entrepreneurs to network with other business owners.
  • LinkedIn is a great tool for job seekers to showcase their qualifications.
  • I recommend using LinkedIn to stay connected with former colleagues.
  • I received a job offer through LinkedIn after a recruiter saw my profile.

Quotes with Linkedin

  • "When you're building a network, LinkedIn is the way to go."
  • - Robert Scoble
  • "LinkedIn is the site for staying in touch with the people you meet on the road."
  • - Harvey Mackay
  • "LinkedIn is the ultimate platform to showcase your professional achievements and aspirations."
  • - Heather Townsend
  • "LinkedIn is not just a tool for recruiters. It's a tool for individuals to build their professional brand."
  • - Dharmesh Shah

Number of characters in Linkedin

8 ( l, i, n, k, e, d, i, n )

Unique letters in Linkedin

6 ( l, i, n, k, e, d )

Linkedin Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Linkedin

IPA (International): ˈlɪˌŋktɪn

ARA (American): ˈlɪˌŋktɪn

EPA (English): ˈlɪˌŋktɪn