How many syllables in Memes?

memes has 1 syllables

Split Memes into syllables?


Definition of Memes

Memes are cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that spread from person to person within a culture.

How should Memes divide into syllables

The word 'memes' has two syllables. The first syllable 'me' has one vowel (e) and one consonant (m), while the second syllable 'mes' has one vowel (e) and two consonants (m and s).

Part of Speech - Memes


She loves sharing memes with her friends on social media.

Sentences with Memes

  • Memes are all over social media.
  • She laughed at the funny meme her friend sent her.
  • He shared a meme that perfectly summed up the situation.
  • The meme went viral and was shared by millions.
  • The internet is full of hilarious memes.
  • She created a meme that quickly became popular.
  • Memes often reflect popular culture references.
  • He spends hours scrolling through memes.
  • They use memes to express their opinions.
  • Her favorite memes are the ones that make her laugh out loud.

Quotes with Memes

Number of characters in Memes

5 ( m, e, m, e, s )

Unique letters in Memes

3 ( m, e, s )

Memes Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Memes

IPA (International): memz

ARA (American): mɛmz

EPA (English): memz