How many syllables in Nadia?

nadia has 2 syllables

Split Nadia into syllables?


Definition of Nadia

Nadia is a female given name of Russian origin.

How should Nadia divide into syllables

The word 'nadia' has 3 syllables. The syllables are 'na', 'di', and 'a'. The vowels in this word are 'a' and 'i', and the consonants are 'n' and 'd'.

Part of Speech - Nadia


Nadia is a talented singer.

Sentences with Nadia

  • Nadia loves to dance ballet.
  • I have a friend named Nadia.
  • Nadia's favorite color is blue.
  • Nadia is a good student.
  • Nadia enjoys playing the piano.
  • Nadia has a beautiful smile.
  • Nadia likes to read books.
  • Nadia's birthday is in July.
  • Nadia is kind to others.
  • Nadia and her sister went to the park.

Quotes with Nadia

  • Nadia, you are my sunshine.
  • Dream big, Nadia.
  • Nadia, always believe in yourself.
  • Be like Nadia, strong and fearless.
  • Nadia, you have a heart of gold.
  • Nadia, you light up the room.
  • Nadia, your smile is contagious.
  • Nadia, the world needs more people like you.
  • Nadia, you are capable of great things.
  • Nadia, you are loved and cherished.
  • Nadia, never give up on your dreams.
  • Nadia, you are a shining star.
  • Nadia, keep reaching for the stars.
  • Nadia, your potential is limitless.
  • Nadia, you are a true inspiration.
  • Nadia, your kindness is a gift.
  • Nadia, your laughter brings joy to others.
  • Nadia, your determination is admirable.
  • Nadia, you make the world a better place.
  • Nadia, stay true to yourself.

Number of characters in Nadia

5 ( n, a, d, i, a )

Unique letters in Nadia

4 ( n, a, d, i )

Nadia Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Nadia

IPA (International): ˈnædjʌ

ARA (American): ˈnædjʌ

EPA (English): ˈnædjʌ


Phonetic Transcription of Nadia

IPA (International): ˈnɑ:djʌ

ARA (American): ˈnɑdjʌ

EPA (English): ˈnɑ:djʌ


There are more than one way represent the transcription of Nadia