How many syllables in Antoine?

antoine has 2 syllables

Split Antoine into syllables?


Definition of Antoine

Antoine is a French given name that means 'beyond praise' or 'highly praiseworthy'.

How should Antoine divide into syllables

The first syllable 'an' has a vowel 'a' and a consonant 'n'. The second syllable 'toine' has two vowels 'o' and 'i' and two consonants 't' and 'n'.

Part of Speech - Antoine


Antoine is a popular name for boys in France.

Sentences with Antoine

  • Antoine is my little brother's name.
  • Antoine was a brave soldier in the war.
  • Antoine loves to play soccer with his friends.
  • I met Antoine at the park yesterday.
  • Antoine's favorite color is blue.
  • Antoine is a kind and helpful person.
  • Antoine's parents are from France.
  • Antoine is learning to speak Spanish.
  • Antoine wants to be a doctor when he grows up.
  • Antoine always helps his mom with the dishes.

Quotes with Antoine

  • Antoine's heart was pounding in his chest as he waited for the race to begin.
  • Antoine felt a sense of pride as he looked at his finished painting.
  • Antoine knew that he had to work hard to achieve his dreams.
  • Antoine wondered what the future would hold for him.
  • Antoine smiled as he saw his friends waving to him from across the street.
  • Antoine felt a sense of accomplishment as he finished his homework.
  • Antoine's eyes lit up with excitement as he saw the presents under the Christmas tree.
  • Antoine's parents were proud of him for graduating with honors.
  • Antoine felt a sense of belonging as he sat with his family at the dinner table.
  • Antoine's heart was filled with joy as he watched his daughter take her first steps.

Number of characters in Antoine

7 ( a, n, t, o, i, n, e )

Unique letters in Antoine

6 ( a, n, t, o, i, e )

Antoine Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Antoine

IPA (International): ɑ:ˈntwɑ:n

ARA (American): ɑˈntwɑn

EPA (English): ɑ:ˈntwɑ:n