How many syllables in Ethan?

ethan has 2 syllables

Split Ethan into syllables?


Definition of Ethan

Ethan is a male given name of Hebrew origin, which means 'strong, firm'.

How should Ethan divide into syllables

This word has 2 syllables. The first syllable 'e' is a vowel and the second syllable 'than' consists of two consonants 'th' and 'n'.

Part of Speech - Ethan


Ethan is my friend from school.

Sentences with Ethan

  • Ethan enjoys playing soccer with his friends.
  • I met Ethan at the park yesterday.
  • Ethan's favorite color is blue.
  • Ethan is a good student in his class.
  • My little brother's name is Ethan too.
  • Ethan likes to read books about dinosaurs.
  • Ethan and his dad went fishing last weekend.
  • Ethan's mom made him his favorite meal for dinner.
  • Ethan is excited to start his new school year.
  • Ethan loves spending time with his grandparents.

Quotes with Ethan

  • 'Ethan' means 'firm' or 'strong' in Hebrew, so I guess my parents picked the right name for me. - Ethan Hawke
  • 'Ethan Frome' is a book about a man who's stuck in a loveless marriage and is tempted to run away with another woman. - Edith Wharton
  • 'Ethan Allen was a brave patriot and a great soldier.' - Daniel Boone

Number of characters in Ethan

5 ( e, t, h, a, n )

Unique letters in Ethan

5 ( e, t, h, a, n )

Ethan Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Ethan

IPA (International): ˈi:θʌn

ARA (American): ˈiθʌn

EPA (English): ˈi:θʌn