How many syllables in Irregularity?

irregularity has 6 syllables

Split Irregularity into syllables?


Definition of Irregularity

Irregularity means something that is not normal, predictable, or regular.

How should Irregularity divide into syllables

This word has six syllables. The vowels are i, e, a, i, and y. The consonants are r, g, l, r, t, and y.

Part of Speech - Irregularity


The irregularity in her heartbeat worried the doctor.

Sentences with Irregularity

  • The irregularity of the traffic made us late for the party.
  • The teacher noticed an irregularity in the student's test scores.
  • The weather forecast predicted irregularity in the temperature this week.
  • The irregularity of the pattern made the quilt unique.
  • The company apologized for the irregularity in their shipping schedule.

Quotes with Irregularity

  • The irregularity of the heartbeats made her feel uneasy. - Unknown
  • The only thing regular about life is its irregularity. - J.S. Bryan
  • Irregularity is not a sign of dysfunction, but rather a symptom of the complexity of life. - Unknown

Number of characters in Irregularity

12 ( i, r, r, e, g, u, l, a, r, i, t, y )

Unique letters in Irregularity

9 ( i, r, e, g, u, l, a, t, y )

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Phonetic Transcription of Irregularity

IPA (International): ˌɪˌregjʌˈlerʌti:

ARA (American): ˌɪˌrɛgjʌˈlɛrʌti

EPA (English): ˌɪˌregjʌˈlerʌti: