How many syllables in Kenneth?

kenneth has 2 syllables

Split Kenneth into syllables?


Definition of Kenneth

Kenneth is a male given name of Scottish origin, meaning 'born of fire'.

How should Kenneth divide into syllables

The word 'kenneth' has two syllables. The first syllable (Ken) has one vowel (e) and one consonant (n). The second syllable (neth) has one vowel (e) and two consonants (n, th).

Part of Speech - Kenneth


Sentences with Kenneth

  • Kenneth is a strong and handsome name.
  • My dad's name is Kenneth.
  • Kenneth is a popular name in Scotland.
  • I have a friend named Kenneth.
  • Kenneth is a name that has been used for centuries.
  • Kenneth is a name that means 'born of fire'.
  • I like the name Kenneth because it's unique.
  • My uncle's name is Kenneth and he's a firefighter.
  • Kenneth is a classic name that never goes out of style.
  • I named my cat Kenneth because I think it's a cute name.

Quotes with Kenneth

  • 'Kenneth is a beautiful name.' -Unknown
  • 'I love the name Kenneth.' -Anonymous
  • 'Kenneth is a strong and powerful name.' -Unknown
  • 'Kenneth is a name that exudes confidence.' -Anonymous
  • 'If I have a son, I might name him Kenneth.' -Unknown

Number of characters in Kenneth

7 ( k, e, n, n, e, t, h )

Unique letters in Kenneth

5 ( k, e, n, t, h )

Kenneth Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Kenneth

IPA (International): ˈkenɪθ

ARA (American): ˈkɛnɪθ

EPA (English): ˈkenɪθ