How many syllables in Mcgrath?

mcgrath has 2 syllables

Split Mcgrath into syllables?


Definition of Mcgrath

McGrath is a surname of Irish origin.

How should Mcgrath divide into syllables

There are 2 syllables in this word. The first syllable 'Mc' has no vowels, only consonants. The second syllable 'grath' has a vowel 'a' and consonants 'g', 'r', 't', and 'h'.

Part of Speech - Mcgrath


The McGrath family came to the party.

Sentences with Mcgrath

  • The McGrath family is coming over for dinner tonight.
  • My teacher's last name is McGrath.
  • The McGrath family has a big house.
  • I met a girl named McGrath at the park.
  • McGrath is a common surname in Ireland.
  • The McGrath family has a dog named Max.
  • I heard that John McGrath is a great athlete.
  • The McGrath family is going on vacation to Hawaii.
  • My friend's mom's maiden name is McGrath.
  • The McGrath family has been in our town for generations.

Quotes with Mcgrath

  • I think it's going to be a great race between (Glenn) McGrath and (Shane) Warne.
  • The McGrath family is always there to support each other.
  • I'm proud to be a McGrath.
  • McGrath is a name you can trust.
  • The McGrath family is like a big, loving family.
  • McGrath is a strong name, and I'm proud to have it.
  • I always knew I was a McGrath at heart.
  • The McGrath family has a long history of success.
  • McGrath is a name that stands out.
  • The McGrath family is a force to be reckoned with.

Number of characters in Mcgrath

7 ( m, c, g, r, a, t, h )

Unique letters in Mcgrath

7 ( m, c, g, r, a, t, h )

Mcgrath Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Mcgrath

IPA (International): mʌˈgræθ

ARA (American): mʌˈgræθ

EPA (English): mʌˈgræθ