How many syllables in Trolls?

trolls has 1 syllables

Split Trolls into syllables?


Definition of Trolls

Trolls are mythical creatures that are known for causing mischief and trouble.

How should Trolls divide into syllables

The word 'trolls' has one syllable. It has two consonants 't' and 'l' and one vowel 'o'.

Part of Speech - Trolls


The trolls under the bridge scared the goats.

Sentences with Trolls

  • The trolls were hiding under the bridge.
  • My little brother thinks trolls are real.
  • The troll in the story was very mean.
  • The trolls in the movie were funny.
  • The trolls were playing pranks on the other animals.
  • The trolls were trying to steal the treasure.
  • The trolls were making a lot of noise.
  • The trolls were causing chaos in the village.
  • The trolls were very mischievous.
  • The trolls were having a good time causing trouble.

Quotes with Trolls

  • "Trolls are the worst kind of people. They're mean and they don't care about anyone but themselves." - Unknown
  • "Don't feed the trolls." - Unknown
  • "I can't believe I'm arguing with a troll." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are just bullies hiding behind a screen." - Unknown
  • "The internet would be a better place without trolls." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the monsters under your bed. They're scary, but they're not real." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like mosquitoes. They're annoying, but you can't let them get to you." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the weeds in your garden. You have to keep pulling them out." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the bad guys in a movie. They always lose in the end." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the ghosts in your attic. They're just there to scare you." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the bullies on the playground. They're not worth your time." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the clouds in the sky. They come and go." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the shadows on your wall. They're not real." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the nightmares in your head. They're scary, but they can't hurt you." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the dust on your shelves. You have to keep cleaning them off." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the stains on your clothes. You have to keep washing them out." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the ants in your kitchen. You have to keep getting rid of them." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the scratches on your car. They're annoying, but they can be fixed." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the cracks in your sidewalk. They're not a big deal." - Unknown
  • "Trolls are like the bumps in the road. You just have to keep driving." - Unknown

Number of characters in Trolls

6 ( t, r, o, l, l, s )

Unique letters in Trolls

5 ( t, r, o, l, s )

Trolls Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Trolls

IPA (International): trəʊlz

ARA (American): trolz

EPA (English): trəʊlz