How many syllables in Unwell?

unwell has 2 syllables

Split Unwell into syllables?


Definition of Unwell

not feeling well; sick or ill

How should Unwell divide into syllables

There is one vowel 'u' and three consonants 'n', 'w', and 'l'. The vowel 'u' makes the 'uh' sound and is followed by the consonant 'n'. The consonants 'w' and 'l' together make the 'lw' sound.

Part of Speech - Unwell


She felt unwell and had to stay in bed all day.

Sentences with Unwell

  • He was unwell and could not go to school.
  • She felt unwell after eating too much candy.
  • I am feeling unwell and need to go home.
  • The doctor said he was unwell and needed to rest.
  • My dog is unwell and needs to go to the vet.

Quotes with Unwell

  • "I'm feeling unwell - I need to see a doctor." - Anonymous
  • "When you're feeling unwell, you have to keep pushing yourself." - Tom Brady
  • "I was very unwell and spent almost a year in bed." - Susan Hampshire

Number of characters in Unwell

6 ( u, n, w, e, l, l )

Unique letters in Unwell

5 ( u, n, w, e, l )

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Phonetic Transcription of Unwell

IPA (International): ʌˈnwel

ARA (American): ʌˈnwɛl

EPA (English): ʌˈnwel