How many syllables in Wiley?

wiley has 2 syllables

Split Wiley into syllables?


Definition of Wiley

Wiley is an adjective that means clever or cunning.

How should Wiley divide into syllables

The word 'wiley' has 2 syllables. The first syllable 'wi' contains the vowel 'i' and the consonant 'w', while the second syllable 'ley' contains the vowel 'e' and the consonants 'l' and 'y'.

Part of Speech - Wiley


The wiley fox outsmarted the other animals in the forest.

Sentences with Wiley

  • The wiley cat managed to catch the mouse without making a sound.
  • The wiley magician performed amazing tricks.
  • The wiley detective solved the mystery in no time.
  • The wiley rabbit escaped from the hunter's trap.
  • The wiley child hid the chocolate so no one else could find it.
  • The wiley squirrel stored extra nuts for the winter.
  • The wiley player fooled the opponent with a clever move.
  • The wiley spider built its web in the perfect spot.
  • The wiley businessman negotiated a great deal.
  • The wiley crow stole food from the picnic table.

Quotes with Wiley

  • In the game of life, it's the wiley who survive.
  • A wiley mind can conquer any challenge.
  • Be as wiley as a fox in pursuing your dreams.
  • The wiley always find a way to succeed.
  • Sometimes, being wiley is the key to victory.
  • A wiley approach can lead to unexpected solutions.
  • Don't underestimate the power of a wiley strategist.
  • Wiley individuals make the best problem solvers.
  • The wiley are always one step ahead.
  • The wiley have a knack for turning obstacles into opportunities.
  • A wiley heart is filled with endless possibilities.
  • The wiley are blessed with quick thinking and sharp instincts.
  • A wiley spirit is hard to beat.
  • The wiley know how to navigate the trickiest of situations.
  • Be wiley like a fox and outwit your challenges.
  • A wiley attitude brings success in all endeavors.
  • The wiley possess a special kind of intelligence.
  • Be wiley in your choices and watch your dreams come true.
  • The wiley are the masters of their own destiny.
  • A wiley approach leads to extraordinary outcomes.

Number of characters in Wiley

5 ( w, i, l, e, y )

Unique letters in Wiley

5 ( w, i, l, e, y )

Wiley Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Wiley

IPA (International): ˈwaɪli:

ARA (American): ˈwaɪli

EPA (English): ˈwaɪli: