How many syllables in Dumbass?

dumbass has 3 syllables

Split Dumbass into syllables?


Definition of Dumbass

an insulting term used to describe someone who is stupid, foolish, or incompetent

How should Dumbass divide into syllables

There are two syllables in the word 'dumbass.' The first syllable 'dum' has one vowel (u) and one consonant (d). The second syllable 'bass' has one vowel (a) and two consonants (b, s).

Part of Speech - Dumbass


The teacher called the student a dumbass for not knowing the answer.

Sentences with Dumbass

  • The boy was called a dumbass by his classmates for forgetting his homework.
  • The coach was furious with the player for making a dumbass mistake during the game.
  • I can't believe I locked my keys in the car again, I feel like such a dumbass.
  • The boss called the employee a dumbass for not following the instructions correctly.
  • The movie was so bad, it made me feel like a dumbass for watching it.

Quotes with Dumbass

  • "You're not an idiot, Forrest," his mother said. "Sometimes you're a bit of a dumbass, but you're not stupid." - Winston Groom
  • "I'm not a smart man... but I know what love is." - Forrest Gump
  • "I'm not a dumbass, I'm from Mississippi." - Brett Favre
  • "I'm an actor, not a knucklehead." - Jack Lemmon

Number of characters in Dumbass

7 ( d, u, m, b, a, s, s )

Unique letters in Dumbass

6 ( d, u, m, b, a, s )

Dumbass Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Dumbass

IPA (International): ˈdʌˌmbæs

ARA (American): ˈdʌˌmbæs

EPA (English): ˈdʌˌmbæs