How many syllables in Homepage?

homepage has 2 syllables

Split Homepage into syllables?


Definition of Homepage

A homepage is the main page of a website that usually contains links to other pages and information about the website.

How should Homepage divide into syllables

The word 'homepage' has two syllables. The first syllable has a long vowel sound 'o' and the second syllable has a short vowel sound 'a'. The word has three vowels (o, e, a) and five consonants (h, m, p, g, and e).

Part of Speech - Homepage


I always check the homepage of my favorite website for updates.

Sentences with Homepage

  • I opened my browser and the homepage of Google appeared.
  • The homepage of the online store had all the latest deals.
  • I customized my homepage to show my favorite news sources.
  • I bookmarked the homepage of my favorite blog.
  • The homepage of the school website had all the important announcements.

Quotes with Homepage

  • A homepage is your website's welcome mat.
  • A homepage is a website's front door.
  • A homepage is the face of a website.
  • A homepage is the starting point of any website journey.
  • A homepage is a website's first impression.

Number of characters in Homepage

8 ( h, o, m, e, p, a, g, e )

Unique letters in Homepage

7 ( h, o, m, e, p, a, g )

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Phonetic Transcription of Homepage

IPA (International): ˈhəʊˌmpeɪdʒ

ARA (American): ˈhoˌmpedʒ

EPA (English): ˈhəʊˌmpeɪdʒ