How many syllables in Icloud?

icloud has 1 syllables

Split Icloud into syllables?


Definition of Icloud

iCloud is a cloud storage and computing service provided by Apple Inc.

How should Icloud divide into syllables

The first syllable has only one letter 'i' which is a vowel and the second syllable 'Cloud' has three letters, 'C,' 'l,' and 'd' which are consonants.

Part of Speech - Icloud


I saved my photos on iCloud to access them from any device.

Sentences with Icloud

  • I backed up my iPhone on iCloud.
  • You can access your files on iCloud from any device.
  • My iCloud storage is full.
  • I use iCloud to sync my contacts and calendar.
  • To use iCloud, you need an Apple ID.

Quotes with Icloud

  • "iCloud is a total cloud solution, and that's why it's so cool." - Steve Jobs
  • "iCloud is a fundamental shift in computing." - Steve Jobs
  • "iCloud is a game changer." - Phil Schiller

Number of characters in Icloud

6 ( i, c, l, o, u, d )

Unique letters in Icloud

6 ( i, c, l, o, u, d )

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Phonetic Transcription of Icloud

IPA (International): ˈaɪˈklaʊd

ARA (American): ˈaɪˈklaʊd

EPA (English): ˈaɪˈklaʊd