How many syllables in Kwon?

kwon has 1 syllables

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Definition of Kwon

Unfortunately, 'kwon' is not a word in the English language. It may be a name or a word in another language.

How should Kwon divide into syllables

The word 'kwon' has one syllable. It contains one vowel (o) and two consonants (k and n).

Part of Speech - Kwon

Sentences with Kwon

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Number of characters in Kwon

4 ( k, w, o, n )

Unique letters in Kwon

4 ( k, w, o, n )

Kwon Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Kwon

IPA (International): kwɑ:n

ARA (American): kwɑn

EPA (English): kwɑ:n