How many syllables in Lowe?

lowe has 1 syllables

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Definition of Lowe

The word 'lowe' is not a common word in the English language. It is an old word that means a flame or fire.

How should Lowe divide into syllables

This word has one syllable, which contains one vowel 'o' and one consonant 'l'.

Part of Speech - Lowe


Sentences with Lowe

  • The lowe was so warm on a cold night.
  • The lowe flickered in the wind.
  • The lowe danced in the darkness.
  • The lowe lit up the room.
  • The lowe was too hot to touch.
  • The lowe provided light in the dark.
  • The lowe was a signal for help.
  • The lowe was used to roast marshmallows.
  • The lowe kept us warm during the camping trip.
  • The lowe burned brightly in the fireplace.

Quotes with Lowe

  • The lowe that warms us may also consume us.
  • A lowe may attract a moth, but it will also burn it.
  • A lowe may be small, but it can light up the dark.
  • A lowe can be a friend or foe.
  • The lowe of a candle can bring peace to a room.
  • The lowe of a fire can be mesmerizing.
  • A lowe can be a symbol of hope in the darkness.
  • The lowe of a torch can guide us through the night.
  • The lowe of a bonfire can bring people together.
  • The lowe of a lantern can help us find our way.

Number of characters in Lowe

4 ( l, o, w, e )

Unique letters in Lowe

4 ( l, o, w, e )

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Phonetic Transcription of Lowe

IPA (International): ləʊ

ARA (American): lo

EPA (English): ləʊ