How many syllables in Neo?

neo has 2 syllables

Split Neo into syllables?


Definition of Neo

Neo means new or recent.

How should Neo divide into syllables

The word 'neo' has two syllables. The first syllable 'ne' has one vowel 'e' and one consonant 'n'. The second syllable 'o' has one vowel 'o' and no consonant.

Part of Speech - Neo


Sentences with Neo

  • The neo building looked very unusual.
  • My mom got a neo car last month.
  • I like neo music better than the old music.
  • The neo art exhibit was very interesting.
  • The neo dress was very pretty.
  • The neo dance moves were very cool.
  • The neo technology is very advanced.
  • The neo furniture was very comfortable.
  • The neo hairstyle was very stylish.
  • The neo language was very hard to understand.

Quotes with Neo

  • The neo concept is really about individuality.
  • I'm wearing neo-traditional clothing.
  • I always loved the neo-noir films.
  • The neo-classical movement was really interesting.
  • The neo-Sufi music was very relaxing.
  • The neo-expressionism paintings were really vibrant.
  • The neo-gothic architecture was really impressive.
  • The neo-romanticism literature was really emotional.
  • The neo-futuristic design was really cool.
  • The neo-liberalism ideology was really controversial.
  • The neo-impressionism paintings were really colorful.
  • The neo-psychedelic music was really trippy.
  • The neo-realism films were really powerful.
  • The neo-baroque art was really ornate.
  • The neo-romantic music was really passionate.
  • The neo-Victorian fashion was really elegant.
  • The neo-symbolism literature was really mysterious.
  • The neo-renaissance architecture was really grand.
  • The neo-pop art was really colorful.
  • The neo-classic rock music was really catchy.

Number of characters in Neo

3 ( n, e, o )

Unique letters in Neo

3 ( n, e, o )

Neo Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Neo

IPA (International): ˈni:əʊ

ARA (American): ˈnio

EPA (English): ˈni:əʊ