How many syllables in Newt?

newt has 1 syllables

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Definition of Newt

a small, usually bright-colored salamander that lives both on land and in water

How should Newt divide into syllables

The word 'newt' has one syllable. The vowel in this word is 'e', and the consonants are 'n', 'w', and 't'.

Part of Speech - Newt


I saw a newt in the pond.

Sentences with Newt

  • The newt crawled out of the water onto the rocks.
  • I caught a newt in my net.
  • The newt's bright orange belly was visible in the water.
  • My favorite animal at the pet store was the newt.
  • The newt is a type of amphibian.
  • The newt can regenerate its body parts if they are lost.
  • The newt's skin is slimy to protect it from predators.
  • The newt's habitat is often in wetlands and ponds.
  • The newt is a popular pet for some people.
  • The newt is a fascinating creature to study.

Quotes with Newt

  • I think my spirit animal might be a newt. They're bright, small, and a bit magical.
  • The newt represents transformation and regeneration. We can learn a lot from this little amphibian.
  • The newt may be small, but it has a big impact on its ecosystem.
  • If I could have any animal as a pet, it would definitely be a newt.
  • The newt is a reminder that even the smallest creatures can make a big difference.

Number of characters in Newt

4 ( n, e, w, t )

Unique letters in Newt

4 ( n, e, w, t )

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Phonetic Transcription of Newt

IPA (International): nu:t

ARA (American): nut

EPA (English): nu:t