How many syllables in Que?

que has 1 syllables

Split Que into syllables?


Definition of Que

Que is a Spanish word that means 'what' or 'that'.

How should Que divide into syllables

The word 'que' has one syllable. It has one vowel 'e' and one consonant 'q'.

Part of Speech - Que


Que bonito! (How beautiful!)

Sentences with Que

  • Que haces? (What are you doing?)
  • Que es eso? (What is that?)
  • Que quieres? (What do you want?)
  • Que dia es hoy? (What day is today?)
  • Que hora es? (What time is it?)
  • Que lindo! (How cute!)
  • Que lastima! (What a pity!)
  • Que tal si vamos al cine? (What if we go to the movies?)
  • Que Dios te bendiga. (May God bless you.)
  • Que tengas un buen dia. (Have a good day.)

Quotes with Que

  • 'Que sera, sera' - Doris Day
  • 'Que sera de mi vida, sin ti...' - Luis Miguel
  • 'No sabes lo que tienes hasta que lo pierdes' - dicho popular que significa 'You don't know what you have until you lose it.'

Number of characters in Que

3 ( q, u, e )

Unique letters in Que

3 ( q, u, e )

Que Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Que

IPA (International): kju:

ARA (American): kju

EPA (English): kju: