How many syllables in Soreness?

soreness has 2 syllables

Split Soreness into syllables?


Definition of Soreness

The state of being painful or tender to the touch.

How should Soreness divide into syllables

The word has 2 syllables. The vowels are 'o' and 'e'. The consonants are 's', 'r', 'n', and 'ss'.

Part of Speech - Soreness


My soreness went away after I put ice on my knee.

Sentences with Soreness

  • The soreness in my throat made it difficult to swallow.
  • After exercising, I felt soreness in my legs.
  • The massage helped relieve the soreness in my back.
  • The soreness in my ankle was caused by twisting it while running.
  • The soreness in my neck was from sleeping in an awkward position.

Quotes with Soreness

  • The soreness of true friendship is to find out the real worth of your friend.
  • The price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.
  • Soreness is just weakness leaving the body.
  • Pain is just weakness leaving your body, and you have to fight through it to get stronger.
  • Soreness is the price you pay for progress.

Number of characters in Soreness

8 ( s, o, r, e, n, e, s, s )

Unique letters in Soreness

5 ( s, o, r, e, n )

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Phonetic Transcription of Soreness

IPA (International): ˈsɔ:ˈrnes

ARA (American): ˈsɔˈrnɛs

EPA (English): ˈsɔ:ˈrnes