How many syllables in Spectral?

spectral has 2 syllables

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Definition of Spectral

relating to or resembling a ghost; of or relating to a spectrum

How should Spectral divide into syllables

The first syllable 'spec' has one vowel 'e' and two consonants 's' and 'p'. The second syllable 'tral' has one vowel 'a' and three consonants 't', 'r', and 'l'.

Part of Speech - Spectral


The spectral figure appeared to be floating in the air.

Sentences with Spectral

  • The old house had a spectral feeling that made me shiver.
  • The scientist studied the spectral lines to learn more about the stars.
  • The spectral mist that hovered over the lake looked like a ghostly apparition.
  • She had a spectral vision of her deceased grandmother.
  • The spectral glow in the sky was caused by the Northern Lights.

Quotes with Spectral

  • The spectral evidence for God is far stronger than the empirical evidence for electrons. - Eben Alexander
  • The spectral quality of photography has always attracted me. - Nan Goldin
  • It is not the spectral evidence of the devil that has been found in Salem. It is the spectral evidence of the people who saw the devil. - Arthur Miller
  • I like the spectral and imaginative quality of things projected as if through a veil. - John Fowles
  • The spectral passion of the past, how beautiful and strange it seems. - George Eliot

Number of characters in Spectral

8 ( s, p, e, c, t, r, a, l )

Unique letters in Spectral

8 ( s, p, e, c, t, r, a, l )

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Phonetic Transcription of Spectral

IPA (International): ˈspektrʌl

ARA (American): ˈspɛktrʌl

EPA (English): ˈspektrʌl