How many syllables in Taxonomy?

taxonomy has 4 syllables

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Definition of Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the science of naming, describing, and classifying organisms.

How should Taxonomy divide into syllables

The word 'taxonomy' has three syllables. The vowels in this word are 'a', 'o', and 'y'. The consonants are 't', 'x', 'n', and 'm'.

Part of Speech - Taxonomy


She studied taxonomy in college.

Sentences with Taxonomy

  • The botanist used taxonomy to identify the different types of plants in the forest.
  • Taxonomy helps scientists understand how different organisms are related to each other.
  • The taxonomy of insects is complex and constantly evolving.
  • In order to properly classify the new species of fish, the scientist had to use taxonomy.
  • The study of taxonomy has led to many important discoveries about the natural world.

Quotes with Taxonomy

  • "Taxonomy is often regarded as a dry and difficult subject, but it underpins all of biology. It's the scaffolding upon which we build our understanding of the diversity of life." - Richard Fortey
  • "Taxonomy is the foundation of biodiversity, the bedrock upon which we can understand the world around us." - Quentin Wheeler
  • "Taxonomy, the art of classifying living things, is the starting point of all biological research." - Richard Dawkins

Number of characters in Taxonomy

8 ( t, a, x, o, n, o, m, y )

Unique letters in Taxonomy

7 ( t, a, x, o, n, m, y )

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Phonetic Transcription of Taxonomy

IPA (International): ˌtæˈksɔ:nʌˌmi:

ARA (American): ˌtæˈksɔnʌˌmi

EPA (English): ˌtæˈksɔ:nʌˌmi: