How many syllables in Uproot?

uproot has 2 syllables

Split Uproot into syllables?


Definition of Uproot

to remove a plant or tree from the ground by pulling it out by the roots

How should Uproot divide into syllables

The first syllable 'up' has a vowel 'u' and a consonant 'p'. The second syllable 'root' has a vowel 'oo' and two consonants 'r' and 't'.

Part of Speech - Uproot


I uprooted the weeds from my garden.

Sentences with Uproot

  • I uprooted the carrot from the ground.
  • The storm uprooted the trees in the park.
  • The gardener had to uproot the weeds from the flower bed.
  • The bulldozer uprooted the old tree.
  • It is not easy to uproot a large tree from the ground.
  • The farmer uprooted the crops from the field.
  • The earthquake uprooted many buildings.
  • She had to uproot her entire life and move to a new city.
  • The construction workers uprooted the sidewalk to lay new pipes.
  • The vines were uprooted from the wall.

Quotes with Uproot

  • If you want to uproot a weed, you have to grab it by the root.
  • Sometimes, change is necessary to uproot bad habits.
  • A man's beliefs are like the roots of a tree. If you want to change something, you have to uproot it first.
  • It takes a lot of strength to uproot a tree, but it takes even more strength to uproot your fears and doubts.
  • To uproot prejudice and discrimination, we must plant the seeds of love and compassion.
  • When the winds of change blow, some people build walls while others uproot trees.
  • The only way to uproot hatred is to replace it with love.
  • To uproot a problem, you have to dig deep and find the source.
  • The roots of our problems are often hidden deep beneath the surface. To uproot them, we have to be willing to dig deep.
  • It's never too late to uproot the things that hold us back and start anew.

Number of characters in Uproot

6 ( u, p, r, o, o, t )

Unique letters in Uproot

5 ( u, p, r, o, t )

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Phonetic Transcription of Uproot

IPA (International): ʌˈpru:t

ARA (American): ʌˈprut

EPA (English): ʌˈpru:t