How many syllables in Von?

von has 1 syllables

Split Von into syllables?


Definition of Von

A German title of nobility.

How should Von divide into syllables

The word 'von' has one syllable. It is made up of one vowel 'o' and one consonant 'v'.

Part of Speech - Von


The Duke of Wellington was also known as Arthur Wellesley, von Wellington.

Sentences with Von

  • The king granted him the title of von Krupp.
  • Von Bismarck was a famous German statesman.
  • The von Trapp family became famous for their singing.
  • Many people dream of becoming a von and living in a castle.
  • The von Steuben family was known for their military service.

Quotes with Von

  • 'I am the Baron von Munchausen, and this is my story!'
  • 'Von der Tann was the first to emerge from the forest and come within range.' - Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • 'The Baron von Steuben, though he spoke no English, was a master of drill and discipline.' - David McCullough

Number of characters in Von

3 ( v, o, n )

Unique letters in Von

3 ( v, o, n )

Von Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Von

IPA (International): vɔ:n

ARA (American): vɔn

EPA (English): vɔ:n