How many syllables in Wikipedia?

wikipedia has 1 syllables

Split Wikipedia into syllables?


Definition of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute to.

How should Wikipedia divide into syllables

The word 'wikipedia' has four syllables. There are four vowels (i, e, i, a) and six consonants (w, k, p, d).

Part of Speech - Wikipedia


I use Wikipedia to find information for my school projects.

Sentences with Wikipedia

  • I always use Wikipedia to learn about new things.
  • Wikipedia has a lot of information on different topics.
  • My teacher told me to use a reliable source like Wikipedia for my research paper.
  • Wikipedia has articles in many languages.
  • I can edit and add information to Wikipedia if I find a mistake.

Quotes with Wikipedia

  • 'Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject.' - Jimmy Wales
  • 'Wikipedia is the first place I go for knowledge and the first place I go to waste time.' - Michael Sheen
  • 'Wikipedia is the ultimate poor man's tool.' - Peter Sagal
  • 'Wikipedia is a great idea. A universal encyclopedia that everyone can work on and that everyone can access for free.' - Tim Berners-Lee

Number of characters in Wikipedia

9 ( w, i, k, i, p, e, d, i, a )

Unique letters in Wikipedia

7 ( w, i, k, p, e, d, a )

Wikipedia Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Wikipedia

IPA (International): ˈwɪki:ˌpi:ˌdi:ʌ

ARA (American): ˈwɪkiˌpiˌdiʌ

EPA (English): ˈwɪki:ˌpi:ˌdi:ʌ