How many syllables in Yao?

yao has 1 syllables

Split Yao into syllables?


Definition of Yao

There is no specific definition for the word 'yao'. It could be a name or a made-up word.

How should Yao divide into syllables

The word 'yao' has 2 syllables. The vowel is 'a' and the consonants are 'y' and 'o'.

Part of Speech - Yao


Sentences with Yao

  • My friend's name is Yao.
  • I made up a new word and I called it Yao.
  • The teacher gave us a term to study and it was Yao.
  • The label on the box said Yao.
  • The title of the book was Yao.
  • His appellation was Yao.
  • She had a designation of Yao.
  • His moniker was Yao.
  • He went by the handle of Yao.
  • Her nickname was Yao.

Quotes with Yao

  • "I'm a Yao Ming fan. He's been my favorite player since he came into the league." - Jeremy Lin
  • "I'm a Yao Ming fan, so I'm always rooting for the Rockets." - George W. Bush
  • "Yao Ming is an absolute stud of a player. He has a very well-rounded game." - Steve Nash
  • "I was happy to be able to meet Yao Ming. He's a great basketball player." - Jackie Chan
  • "Yao Ming is one of the most important athletes in China and the world." - Hu Jintao

Number of characters in Yao

3 ( y, a, o )

Unique letters in Yao

3 ( y, a, o )

Yao Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Yao

IPA (International): jaʊ

ARA (American): jaʊ

EPA (English): jaʊ