How many syllables in Yorkers?

yorkers has 2 syllables

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Definition of Yorkers

Yorkers is the plural form of 'yorker', which means a delivery in the game of cricket where the ball bounces once on the pitch before reaching the batsman.

How should Yorkers divide into syllables

The word 'yorkers' has two syllables, with the first syllable 'york' and the second syllable 'ers'. The vowels in this word are 'o' and 'e', and the consonants are 'y', 'r', 'k', and 's'.

Part of Speech - Yorkers


The bowler bowled a series of yorkers to dismiss the batsman.

Sentences with Yorkers

  • The bowler bowled a yorker and the batsman got bowled out.
  • The yorker was too fast for the batsman to hit.
  • The bowler aimed for the batsman's toes with the yorker.
  • The yorker delivery is very difficult for the batsman to defend.
  • The bowler practiced bowling yorkers in the nets.
  • The batsman was surprised by the yorker and lost his wicket.
  • The yorker delivery is known for its accuracy and effectiveness.
  • The bowler used a yorker to break the partnership between the batsmen.
  • The yorker is considered one of the best deliveries in cricket.
  • The bowler's yorker was too good for the batsman to handle.

Quotes with Yorkers

  • A perfect yorker is a bowler's delight.
  • The batsman was caught off guard by the yorker.
  • Bowling a yorker requires great skill and precision.
  • The bowler unleashed a series of yorkers to dominate the game.
  • The yorker is a deadly weapon in a bowler's arsenal.
  • The batsman struggled to pick the yorker from the bowler's hand.
  • The yorker crashed into the stumps, leaving the batsman stunned.
  • The bowler's yorker delivery was too good for the batsman to get a run.
  • The yorker is a challenging delivery to play for any batsman.
  • The bowler celebrated after dismissing the batsman with a yorker.

Number of characters in Yorkers

7 ( y, o, r, k, e, r, s )

Unique letters in Yorkers

6 ( y, o, r, k, e, s )

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Phonetic Transcription of Yorkers

IPA (International): ˈjɔ:rkɜ:z

ARA (American): ˈjɔrkɝz

EPA (English): ˈjɔ:rkɜ:z


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