How many syllables in Hast?

hast has 1 syllables

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Definition of Hast

Hast is an archaic second-person singular present tense of the verb 'have'.

How should Hast divide into syllables

The word hast has one syllable. It has one vowel which is 'a' and two consonants which are 'h' and 's'.

Part of Speech - Hast


Thou hast a book.

Sentences with Hast

  • I hast a toy.
  • Thou hast a pet.
  • He hast a bike.
  • She hast a doll.
  • We hast a car.
  • You hast a ball.
  • They hast a game.
  • Hast thou seen my hat?
  • Why hast thou not eaten your food?
  • Hast thou finished your homework?

Quotes with Hast

  • Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard?
  • He who hesitates is lost, but he who hastens is merely an idiot.
  • Hast not thy share? On winged feet, Lo! it rushes thee to meet; And all that Nature made thy own, Floating in air or pent in stone, Will rive the hills and swim the sea, And, like thy shadow, follow thee.
  • There's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will.
  • Hast thou not seen the scars which pock the cheeks of the moon?
  • Hast thou, which art but air, a touch, a feeling of their afflictions?
  • Hast thou ever heard the saying that a man's real worth is known only after his death?
  • Hast thou also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?
  • Hast thou ever seen a great wonder?
  • Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.
  • Hast thou not felt in forest glooms, how once man's ancestors have stood?
  • Hast thou forgotten all the words of thy mouth?
  • Hast thou ever loved a woman?
  • Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God.
  • Hast thou heard the saying that 'the truth shall make you free?'
  • Hast thou seen the treasures of the hail, which I have reserved against the time of trouble?
  • Hast thou not seen how thy breath stirred the restless river?
  • Hast thou ever stood in a storm?
  • Hast thou not seen how the flowers of the field grow?
  • Hast thou ever felt the weight of glory?

Number of characters in Hast

4 ( h, a, s, t )

Unique letters in Hast

4 ( h, a, s, t )

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Phonetic Transcription of Hast

IPA (International): hæst

ARA (American): hæst

EPA (English): hæst