How many syllables in Personalised?

personalised has 3 syllables

Split Personalised into syllables?


Definition of Personalised

Personalised means to make something unique to a person's specific preferences or characteristics.

How should Personalised divide into syllables

The word 'personalised' has four syllables. The vowels are 'e', 'o', 'a', 'i', and 'e'. The consonants are 'p', 'r', 's', 'n', 'l', 's', and 'd'.

Part of Speech - Personalised


I personalised my backpack by adding my name to it.

Sentences with Personalised

  • I personalised my notebook by adding stickers to it.
  • He personalised his car with a custom paint job.
  • She personalised her phone case with a photo of her dog.
  • The artist personalised each painting with a unique signature.
  • The chef personalised the menu for the VIP guests.
  • The company offers personalised customer service to each client.
  • The gift was personalised with a special message.
  • The wedding planner personalised the decorations to fit the couple's style.
  • The website allows you to create personalised playlists.
  • The teacher personalised the lesson plan to accommodate different learning styles.

Quotes with Personalised

  • 'Personalised medicine': A dream or a reality?
  • Little things make a big difference. Personalised, attentive service can make a customer feel valued.
  • Personalised learning, with its student-centered approach and emphasis on flexibility, is gaining ground in education circles.
  • I believe the future of fashion is about technology and innovation that is personalised, and it's about really understanding the consumer and what they want.
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to optimize their health and wellbeing.

Number of characters in Personalised

12 ( p, e, r, s, o, n, a, l, i, s, e, d )

Unique letters in Personalised

10 ( p, e, r, s, o, n, a, l, i, d )

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Phonetic Transcription of Personalised

IPA (International): ˈpɜ:ˈsʌn

ARA (American): ˈpɝˈsʌn

EPA (English): ˈpɜ:ˈsʌn