How many syllables in Thi?

thi has 1 syllables

Split Thi into syllables?


Definition of Thi

The word 'thi' is not found in the dictionary, so it does not have a specific definition.

How should Thi divide into syllables

The word 'thi' has only one syllable. It is broken as 'thi'. The vowel in this word is 'i' and the consonants are 'th'.

Part of Speech - Thi


Sentences with Thi

Quotes with Thi

Number of characters in Thi

3 ( t, h, i )

Unique letters in Thi

3 ( t, h, i )

Thi Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Thi

IPA (International): θi:

ARA (American): θi

EPA (English): θi: