How many syllables in Usda?

usda has 1 syllables

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Definition of Usda

USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. It is a government agency in charge of regulating and promoting agriculture, forestry, and food production.

How should Usda divide into syllables

The word 'USDA' has two syllables. The first syllable 'US' has one vowel 'U' and one consonant 'S'. The second syllable 'DA' has one vowel 'A' and one consonant 'D'.

Part of Speech - Usda


The USDA recommends eating a balanced diet.

Sentences with Usda

  • The USDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of our food.
  • The USDA provides grants to farmers to help them improve their crops.
  • The USDA conducts research to find ways to make agriculture more sustainable.
  • The USDA works with other countries to promote global food security.
  • The USDA publishes dietary guidelines to help Americans make healthy food choices.
  • The USDA regulates the labeling of organic foods.
  • The USDA inspects meat and poultry processing plants for safety violations.
  • The USDA provides nutrition assistance to low-income families through programs like SNAP.
  • The USDA helps farmers recover from natural disasters like hurricanes and droughts.
  • The USDA tracks the prices of agricultural commodities like corn and soybeans.

Quotes with Usda

  • 'The USDA has been instrumental in helping farmers and ranchers maintain their way of life.' - Michael McCaul
  • 'The USDA does a great job of promoting American agriculture.' - Sonny Perdue
  • 'The USDA's research helps us understand the impact of climate change on our food supply.' - Debbie Stabenow

Number of characters in Usda

4 ( u, s, d, a )

Unique letters in Usda

4 ( u, s, d, a )

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Phonetic Transcription of Usda

IPA (International): ˌju:ˌeˌsdi:ˈeɪ

ARA (American): ˌjuˌɛˌsdiˈe

EPA (English): ˌju:ˌeˌsdi:ˈeɪ