How many syllables in Wii?

wii has 1 syllables

Split Wii into syllables?


Definition of Wii

A video game console produced by Nintendo.

How should Wii divide into syllables

The word 'wii' has two syllables. The first syllable 'wi' has a vowel 'i' and a consonant 'w'. The second syllable 'i' has a vowel 'i'.

Part of Speech - Wii


I played Wii with my friend yesterday.

Sentences with Wii

  • I love playing Wii with my family.
  • We bought a new Wii console for Christmas.
  • The Wii gaming system is very popular.
  • I spend hours playing my Wii entertainment system.
  • My favorite video game console is the Wii.
  • We are having a Wii gaming console tournament at our house.
  • My brother is addicted to his Wii device.
  • I need to buy a new Wii machine because mine is broken.
  • My friends and I enjoy playing Wii player together.
  • My son's favorite birthday gift was a Wii game player.

Quotes with Wii

  • 'We don't want people to think that Wii is a machine built for kids. We want everybody to play with Wii.' - Satoru Iwata
  • 'The Wii is not a console designed for HD graphics, so we always strive for unique and creative ways to make our games pop on the system.' - Goichi Suda
  • 'The Wii is a good example of that - the Wii has no power at all and it's still selling like hotcakes.' - John Carmack

Number of characters in Wii

3 ( w, i, i )

Unique letters in Wii

2 ( w, i )

Wii Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Wii

IPA (International): wi:

ARA (American): wi

EPA (English): wi: