How many syllables in Screenshots?

screenshots has 2 syllables

Split Screenshots into syllables?


Definition of Screenshots

A screenshot is a picture of what is on a computer or phone screen.

How should Screenshots divide into syllables

The first syllable has a long 'e' sound and the second syllable has a short 'o' sound. There are three vowels (e, e, o) and nine consonants (s, c, r, n, s, h, t, s, and) in this word.

Part of Speech - Screenshots


I took a screenshot of the funny picture on my phone so I could show it to my friends later.

Sentences with Screenshots

  • I took a screenshot of my high score in the game.
  • Can you send me a screenshot of the text message?
  • I use screenshots to help me remember important information.
  • Screenshots are helpful for troubleshooting computer problems.
  • She took a screenshot of the funny meme and shared it with her friends.
  • I learned how to take screenshots on my phone.
  • I took a screenshot of the recipe so I wouldn't forget the ingredients.
  • Screenshots can be used as evidence in court cases.
  • I love taking screenshots of beautiful scenery in video games.
  • I took a screenshot of the directions so I wouldn't get lost.

Quotes with Screenshots

  • "I take a lot of screenshots on my phone. Sometimes I forget why I took them, but it's like a little memory of something that caught my eye." - Mindy Kaling
  • "Screenshots are like the Polaroids of our generation." - Unknown
  • "I think we all take screenshots of texts and send them to our friends and ask for advice." - Jenny Slate
  • "Screenshots are the new autographs." - Unknown
  • "Screenshots are the new currency." - Unknown

Number of characters in Screenshots

11 ( s, c, r, e, e, n, s, h, o, t, s )

Unique letters in Screenshots

8 ( s, c, r, e, n, h, o, t )

Screenshots Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Screenshots

IPA (International): ˈskri:ˌnʃɑ:ts

ARA (American): ˈskriˌnʃɑts

EPA (English): ˈskri:ˌnʃɑ:ts