How many syllables in Rna?

rna has 1 syllables

Split Rna into syllables?


Definition of Rna

RNA stands for ribonucleic acid, which is a molecule that plays an important role in the genetic code of living organisms.

How should Rna divide into syllables

The word 'rna' has two syllables. The vowels are 'a' and 'i'. The consonants are 'r' and 'n'.

Part of Speech - Rna


The RNA in your body helps to make proteins that keep you healthy.

Sentences with Rna

  • Scientists are studying RNA to learn more about how cells work.
  • The RNA in our cells helps to make proteins.
  • RNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine that use RNA to help protect against diseases.
  • RNA interference is a process that can silence genes to help treat diseases.
  • RNA sequencing is a technique used to study the genetic code of organisms.

Quotes with Rna

  • "RNA is the dark horse of molecular biology." - Sidney Altman
  • "RNA is an intermediate between the DNA of genes and the proteins that are the building blocks of cells..." - Richard J. Roberts
  • "RNA catalysis is a process fundamental to life." - Thomas R. Cech
  • "RNA is perhaps the most diverse and interesting of all biological molecules." - Venki Ramakrishnan
  • "RNA is the central component of the machinery of life." - Thomas R. Cech

Number of characters in Rna

3 ( r, n, a )

Unique letters in Rna

3 ( r, n, a )

Rna Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Rna

IPA (International): ˌɑ:ˌreˈneɪ

ARA (American): ˌɑˌrɛˈne

EPA (English): ˌɑ:ˌreˈneɪ