How many syllables in Sms?

sms has 1 syllables

Split Sms into syllables?


Definition of Sms

SMS stands for short message service, which is a text message sent from one mobile device to another.

How should Sms divide into syllables

The word 'sms' has two syllables. The first syllable is 'sm' and the second syllable is 's'. There are no vowels in this word. The two letters 's' and 'm' are consonants.

Part of Speech - Sms


I received an SMS from my friend while I was in class.

Sentences with Sms

  • I sent an SMS to my mom to let her know I arrived at school.
  • My friend sent me an SMS with a funny joke.
  • I received an SMS from my boss reminding me of our meeting tomorrow.
  • I use SMS to communicate with my friends who live far away.
  • I prefer SMS over phone calls because it's more convenient.
  • I sent an SMS to my teacher to ask a question about my homework.
  • My phone has a limit on how many SMS messages I can send in a day.
  • I received an SMS notification from my bank about a transaction on my account.
  • I use SMS to order food from my favorite restaurant.
  • I sent an SMS to my sister to wish her a happy birthday.

Quotes with Sms

  • 'I still send SMSes to my wife more than I use WhatsApp or any other app. She's the only person I do that with,' - Sundar Pichai
  • 'I love texting. I'm always texting. I'm always on my phone. I'm always on WhatsApp and SMS and stuff like that,' - Millie Bobby Brown
  • 'I'm old-fashioned when it comes to dating. I'm a texter. I'm much more likely to text you than to call you or send you a message on a dating app,' - Olivia Munn

Number of characters in Sms

3 ( s, m, s )

Unique letters in Sms

2 ( s, m )

Sms Backwards


Phonetic Transcription of Sms

IPA (International): ˌeˌseˈmes

ARA (American): ˌɛˌsɛˈmɛs

EPA (English): ˌeˌseˈmes